Provable Fairness

Provenance Hash and Metadata Shifting

KLKTN Studios believes in fair and traceable distribution of NFTs, that's why Maru uses the "Gold Standard" for fair distribution of NFTs. Provenance Hash

Our provenance hash was generated by using the Keccak 256 Hash of a long concatenated string of image hashes from the final Maru NFT images, concatenated in the order they were created. To prove that we had generated the provenance hash ahead of time, we had included it as part of our smart contract (before minting even started). The Hash:


Upon sellout or closing of minting, we will share the long concatenated string of image hashes, running a Keccak 256 hash against the concatenated string will product the same hash as seen above. Pre-reveal Metadata Shifting

To take fairness one step further, we shifted the metadata using the uncontrollable block number of our final pre-sale mint (15049998). A small breakdown of the math:

Block Number % Total Number of NFTs = Shift Number

In Practice:
15049998 % 1203 = 468

This means that all of the metadata was shifted 468 positions to the right, i.e: Edition #1 was shifted to Edition #469.

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