Allowlist Mint

Time: 6pm PST | 10am JST Date: June 28th (PST) | June 29th (JST) Price: 0.08eth Allocation: 740 editions After winning an allowlist spot from one of our giveaways you will be assigned a special role in our Discord. This will enable you to submit your wallet address in the 📙│whitelist-form channel. You will have until the end of June 24th to do so. There will be a 24 hour window to mint up to two (2) unrevealed Maru's to your wallet directly on for 0.08eth on June 28th at 6pm PST (10am JST). Any unsold NFTs in the Allowlist Mint will roll over into the public sale.

Public Sale

Time: 6pm PST | 10am JST Date: June 30th (PST) | July 1st (JST) Price: 0.1eth Allocation: 360 editions Our public mint will go live starting from June 30th at 6PM PST (10am JST). To mint your Maru visit and connect your wallet. Looking for help on opening an Ethereum wallet? Join our Discord to learn more!

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