The Round Thing

The Story of Maru

What’s a Maru? It’s a cute shapeshifting dot that gobbles up boomboxes and refuses to work. An animated character inspired by the art and members of the Japanese band Gesu No Kiwami Otome, Maru may be just a dot, but it can dance, it can travel and see the world, and it can use the power of its farts to fly. When Maru is born into the world, it gradually evolves its senses and learns to use them. Imagine being able to see or hear or smell for the first time! Maru also has the ability to shapeshift into other round objects; a wheel, a watermelon, a smiley face. As it turns out, Maru is also one hell of a drummer. Which leads to all kinds of adventures. Rock and roll, baby!

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